Icarus' Fall: The Wings of Death

Something New Everyday
Horror-part 2

Log — Day 1 and 2 Icarus

The ship is quiet, always quiet on these long Jumps. Blackness out the windows, not even the passing of stars for comfort. Problems with engineering, some computer bug, glitch, I don’t know, but the damn engineer can’t seem to fix it. Spent all his time on it too.

Sleeping when quarantine went off. like rats in a flood everyone was scurrying around. NBC suits on and sealed, searching for what the fuck was going on. Some new disease, ran through that new database, couldn’t find anything, maybe just a flu or something, these computers cant handle everything.

Bug in engineering spread, light problems in the corridors, flickering on and off. Silence and dim lights, Damn this ship and its creepy feeling Heard some scuttling noises down one of the corridors, couldn’t find anything. Maybe its just my nerves getting to me

The Horror... The Horror... Unfounded?
Horror-part 3

Log - Day 3 aboard the Icarus
The ship was quiet. The contagion was isolated in the med bay and two more crew members found. Ten a warning that there was problem with the lighting in the engineering. Thought the damn engineer fixed this, but apparently not. Investigated the engineering corridors, had to go down the maintenance shafts, don’t really like tight spaces. Found somebody in the shaft, tried to get close to examine but then light got in the way, horrible, horrible sickness, wan face, twisted out of proportion. Ran towards the other exit, blocked by group but the thing attacked, ripping the NBC suit he was wearing, my ears still ring from the shotgun blasts. Then some asshole, Zel, calls over the radio “They’re everywhere, they’re all around you” Panic Ensues, Idiot with Flamethrower, Drek “Sparky” Tater, lights the tunnels up. Fortunately the idiot can’t aim so only some of the circuitry and equipment fried.

Took body of “Thing” back to med lab for autopsy,_ no mystery what killed him, death by shotgun_.

Cameras out in Cryo. Went to investigate, found the bay kinda creepy, its cold, best not stay too long in there. Something had corroded the lights in Cryo, what could function at those temps baffles. Found some of the Cryo Chambers empty, 4 of them. Took list to Bridge, running check, trying to find out why. Sent to investigate the other 5 Cryo Bays. Hate My Job Found a strange chamber in Cryo Bay 3 – Hard code lock on it. Broke code and open the door. Damn Its Cold

Some kind of bio-samples in room, 20 total, react to light and still moving even though room is -17 C. Have to get these locked down and looked at. Door began to close on us. Running in Cold room, not good idea

Saw something on med bay cameras… The body that we brought in, thought it was dead, broke out of the decontamination chamber…

Started hearing sounds, going to keep my gun with me… fuck the rules…

The Final Flight of the Icarus
Final Flight

Icarus Day 4
Creatures are coming out of everywhere. I see them in the shadows, moving around us. They look human, but deformed, mutated somehow. My breathing is getting harder, the air is getting heavier in the ship. It smells like rot and dirt. What are they doing to us.

All of the engines shut down. Fuck! what are we going to do, out of Jumpspace, we are sitting ducks, alone and … WHAT WAS THAT?!… Thought i saw something moving in the corridor towards engineering.

Got to engineering and the same kind of growth is here. found some canisters of plasma in the lockers though. This shit burns. some of the creatures tried to attack us but they went down easy. Somehow, it seems too easy, like something wants us to move on…

Got to medical, the place is a wreck. there is little here, moving on to the command deck.
Still sealed. Broke it, took a bit of work to do so. Found the second officer… she shot herself… the ship is going to crash into the planet. Gotta find some way to override these commands, it this ship crashes, this thing will survive. Heading to security quarters.

FUCK! RUN! some kind of thing is coming, hear it footsteps echoing in the corridors. It sounds huge.

… Just saw it, 10 feet tall, solid muscle, this think is a tank… going to try and sneak past…

Found the override. got past that thing so far, might try to take it out if i get a shot. Heading back to the command deck.

Damn even with the override codes, this thing is tough to steer, but moved it from crashing into the planet to aiming towards the sun. Gotta get outta here, heading to the escape pods. ejecting all of the cryo pods, hope they survive. Got one pod left, going into it. Hope i dont have nightmares… but probably will… so hungry… these people look so tasty. good night, dont let the zombies bite…


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