Icarus' Fall: The Wings of Death

Something New Everyday

Horror-part 2

Log — Day 1 and 2 Icarus

The ship is quiet, always quiet on these long Jumps. Blackness out the windows, not even the passing of stars for comfort. Problems with engineering, some computer bug, glitch, I don’t know, but the damn engineer can’t seem to fix it. Spent all his time on it too.

Sleeping when quarantine went off. like rats in a flood everyone was scurrying around. NBC suits on and sealed, searching for what the fuck was going on. Some new disease, ran through that new database, couldn’t find anything, maybe just a flu or something, these computers cant handle everything.

Bug in engineering spread, light problems in the corridors, flickering on and off. Silence and dim lights, Damn this ship and its creepy feeling Heard some scuttling noises down one of the corridors, couldn’t find anything. Maybe its just my nerves getting to me


XakAni XakAni

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